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The police do routinely stop drivers to check breath alcohol levels, so it’s worth your while spending a few Euros on a taxi. Click here for a list of taxi
company numbers around the country. The easiest way to get a taxi in Montenegro is to call one
on the phone.

The best time to visit Kotor is in either June or September when there is less rain and the weather is warmer. Kotor is small so works well for a 2-3 night trip, but you could tie this in with an overall longer trip to Montenegro. You just need to register and download the Tesla Go App from Google Play or the App Store. The car arrives at the exact location guided by GPS – no need to make phone calls or send messages. They also specialize in excursions to the interior regions of Montenegro and neighboring countries. And the most important thing is that they are honest – they don’t ramp up prices because your are a tourist.

As always, there are some better options than others when it comes to taxis in Montenegro. This charming town sits peacefully on the picturesque Bay of Kotor, surrounded by black mountains and other small medieval villages. The views are truly spectacular and have to be witnessed in person to appreciate them.

It is predominantly a transfer service operating Mercedes luxury sedans, vans, and minibuses but also offering regular taxi services. We offer wide range of services such as Airport Transfers and Excursions. We own a constantly renewing car fleet and we hire professional drivers to suit your needs during the Transfers. For the tourists interested in sightseeing, our recommendation is The Best of Montenegro tour, with optional tourist guide.

Taxi from Dubrovnik to Kotor

Arriving to Bar you can visit ancient old city, and unavoidable attraction Old Olive Tree, which is immediately next to the main road. From Bar road is going in direction of border Sukobin / Muriqan and to Shkoder. Taxi Kotor to airport Tirana is quite often transfer, mostly popular because of low cost air companies which are operating to/from this airport. Depends on travel route, and border crossing which will be used, voyage takes about five hours during the season. Most taxis offer fixed rate fares to popular destinations such as Kotor. A one-way taxi transfer from Podgorica airport to Kotor should cost around €65.

We continue our adventure, which we started with a single location, by being among the leading transfer companies in the world today. If you cannot find the results you want, you can create a ride request form with just a few clicks. If you still cannot find the transfer route you are looking for or the most suitable service option despite all your searches, you can get support from our team by filling in the necessary information. We would like to kindly remind you that please take care to fill in the information in the form completely. Thus, our team will get back to you with the most accurate information about the service you are looking for and in the fastest way possible.

Book your private transfer from Kotor to Budva and save up to 40% compared to a local metered taxi. Taxi transfer from Kotor to Tirana downtown cost 210 euros, and also price is per a car. Price applies to any destination in the city, to all the hotels and apartments. Tirana has a huge number of hotels, so it is advisable to inform us in advance in which hotel you are going, that we can locate him before we start on a journey. “I found this taxi service online and it was perfect for a private transfer from Kotor to Lovcen, Montenegro. The driver met me at the airport and then delivered us quickly and safely to our destination.”

My minibus and van options are ideal for groups of up to 7 people and up to 19 people. However, for groups with a capacity of 19 or more, the most suitable option would be to take a tour transfer bus. We have experienced and professional private chauffeured tour buses in Kotor to Lovcen and its surrounding regions so that crowded groups can travel together.

In Guatemala tuk-tuks operate, both as taxis and private vehicles, in Guatemala City, around the island town of Flores, Peten, in the mountain city of Antigua Guatemala, and in many small towns in the mountains. In 2005 the tuk-tuks were prevalent in the Lago de Atitlán towns of Panajachel and Santiago Atitlán. While tuk-tuks continue to serve as a prevalent form of transportation in Antigua Guatemala, their use throughout the country as a whole has declined. The Old Town of Kotor is a compact city which can be covered on foot, some buses travel to nearby towns frequently as well as to the interior of the country. The main bus station in town is located outside the Old Town walls. Buses are frequent and cheap, the journey from Kotor to Budva costs around 3 euros and is less than an hour away with multiple routes daily.

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Our luxury, comfortable and private chauffeured vehicles are at your service for your daily trips, business trips or transfer needs. If you are looking for a limousine for point-to-point transfer service in the Kotor to Lovcen region, you may be interested in our “business” and “Premium” vehicle classes on the route detail pages. Please contact us if you would like to rent a limousine with or without driver for hourly, daily or weekly.

If you’re looking for some of the best views in Europe, reasonable prices and a quaint old town then Kotor is the place to be. You can contact a taxi in Montenegro most efficiently via instant messenger – Viber and What’s App are the most popular. You can also call and some companies have a booking platform on their website.

Kotor Travel

The side facing Kotor Bay and the north side fronting the Skurda River are both heavily fortified with a thick wall. The third (east) side backs into the cliff face with a meandering defensive upper town wall (a short version of the Great Wall) climbing the mountainside. There are three entrances to the Old Town, including the western Sea Gate of 1555, which serves as the main door. The southern gate is at the south apex of the triangle, on the road to Budva. The northern gate leads to a bridge that crosses the Skurda River.

When you done ride booking process, we will approve your booking within 1 minute, if there is a serviceable taxi from Kotor to Lovcen. After that you will find the final price info of our cars available from Kotor to Lovcen on the location detail page. Kotor to Lovcen VIP transfers, in the Kotor to Lovcen region, our luxury VIP class minibuses are ready to serve our valued customers, together with their experienced and professional drivers. Our Kotor to Lovcen VIP minibus taxi transfer vehicles usually consist of highly luxurious and stylish VIP transfer minibuses such as Mercedes Vito, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes Viano Premium, Toyota Alphard.

Book a hotel or apartment from our offer and get a Free Transfer from your accommodation to Split Airport. The prices are informative and may differ from the actual prices. Calculate an extra hour or more for all bus journeys along the coast.

There is also a great deal of road building underway and the safety considerations are a little less onerous than those in more developed countries. Kotor is situated in a most secluded tip of Boka Kotorska bay, in the northern part of the Montenegro coast on the Adriatic Sea. Kotor has developed around Stari Grad (local language for “old town”), the city’s old town and best known landmark, which is listed with UNESCO World heritage sites. Kotor Bay is the deepest natural fjord-like bay in the Mediterranean Sea, and the scenery around it (including the steep mountains which come almost straight down to the waters edge) is spectacular[2]. Taxi Allo price simulator is a simple, fast and responds to all the questions about taxi trips fares, calculate estimated prices, give all taxi cab information before booking your taxi. In Cuba, the autorickshaws are small and look like a coconut, hence the name Cocotaxi.

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You can check out our list of useful words and phrases for Montenegro in our Montenegro travel tips. Taxi fares can be higher from May to October with some taxi companies at about 1,30€ per kilometer and 1,00€ per km during all other months. Some companies charge less and some more than that but these are the averages. In Podgorica and other cities and towns in Montenegro’s Interior, fares are between 0,50 and 0,80€ per kilometer. First of all, the activity of taxi operators in Montenegro is strictly regulated. Taxi companies can obtain a permit only if they fulfill all prescribed requirements.

Select a perfect car in transfer options for your Kotor to Lovcen ride. Click to “Book Now” button and finish your reservation taxis in kotor in few minutes. Podgorica has a lot of taxi companies that can bring you from one quarter to the next for a very small fee.

Djir Taxi Kotor

What is great about Sany Taxi is their fast-response customer service via What’s App. If you order a cab via instant messanger, you will have the estimated price indicated in advance. Depending on your location, street names and house numbers might not be properly marked, try to find another anchor point such as a restaurant or Hotel nearby that can be used for navigating. You can also make a screenshot of your Google Maps location and send it to the driver so that he can find you more easily.

From Dubrovnik

It is still possible to travel via this very curvy mountain road, so you might travel from Budva to Kotor a bit longer. From this hill you can enjoy beautiful views not only of the tiny countryside villages, but also of Podgorica (when approaching from Cetinje), and also Kotor bay. Unfortunately, no direct bus lines leave Podgorica airport to Kotor. However, you can still make your way there by public transport; you just need to go to Podgorica’s main bus station first, before making your way to Kotor by bus. Taking the bus from Podgorica to Kotor is a great option for those on a budget, as the bus is direct from the city centre. Nevertheless, you will have to make your way to Podgorica bus station first which can be long and tedious, especially if you are travelling with children and/or heavy luggage.

Airport Transfer Service Go Montenegro Taxi Podgorica

Should you need an airport or intercity transfer from Kotor, ‘Boka Travel’ is probably the best company to do the job. They have been operating for about 15 years and have a modern fleet of Mercedes vans and minibuses to bring you safely to your destination. If you are traveling with big groups or prefer more comfort and luxury, it would be better to arrange the ride with a specialized airport transfer company. They usually can provide everything from the newest models of sedans to 8-seater minivans, and larger buses. Taxis transfer normally require less time than buses or vans to cover the same distance as they often travel at higher speed and may skip en route stops if you do not need any. In any case expect your journey by taxi to Ulcinj to take between 1h 30m and 2h 10m hours.

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