Finding the Meaning to The Sober Life

These healthy coping mechanisms are more sustainable than numbing pain or trying to drink away your past challenges. When you’re using drugs or alcohol, you can feel like you’re skating through life, but never really feeling or being in any of the moments. Living a drug-free life or an alcohol-free life means not only that you can be present, but that you’ll remember everything in your life in a clear-headed way. We hear a lot aboutpracticing mindfulness, not just in the recovery sober life community but in mental health in general. Practicing mindfulness means that you’re focused on the present moment and enjoying it for all that it is, rather than thinking about the past or the future. That being said, you might not be at a place where you want people to know you’re not drinking, and that’s OK. You can provide an excuse, like that you’re on antibiotics, or you aren’t feeling great or want to feel fresh for something you have going on the next day.

  • However, some of us may find ourselves feeling down, lamenting past years and previous versions of ourselves.
  • Some fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous define sobriety as achieving a good level of mental health.
  • On the regular, substance abuse can lead to hangovers, excruciating withdrawal symptoms, and a weakened immune system.
  • If you’re like most drinkers, you’ve likely surrounded yourself at some point with a group of people who also drink.
  • People in recovery often struggle with loneliness and isolation.
  • It’s no secret that the financial cost of addictive substances really adds up quickly.

This might seem like a terrible thing; this is not a terrible thing. This is a JOYOUS and wonderful thing because it easily sorts out the ones that have a weird relationship with alcohol, or the ones that just aren’t for you. It will hurt , but in time you will come to see it as the gift it is—and you won’t waste time getting to know the wrong person. There will be people who don’t want to date you because you’re sober. I don’t have that much sex, and that’s more like me saying, I no longer lower my standards and sleep with just anyone because of beer goggles. There’s no easy pass for me anymore, no more getting drunk and slipping past the part where you get to know each other. There’s no more not caring if they see your cellulite or whatever you’re hiding under there; and you will, once and for all, discover that sex is never like in the movies.

Is being sober boring? A look at life after addiction and alcoholism

People who struggle with addiction will generally find each other. By definition, we have a shared interest in alcohol and drugs. It’s also necessary to understand that relapse isn’t a failure. It’s just a minor mis-step that requires recognizing it for what it is and getting back on track by finding ways to stay sober. When the executive region of the brain is effectively shut down, drinking and drug use becomes a conditioned impulse, and one that is very difficult to break. Chronicle your journey to sobriety, even when that entails documenting your slips and relapses.

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If you or someone you know is a recovering addict struggling to cope with sober living, give us a call today. Our therapists can help them analyze what’s holding them back from recovery and teach them coping mechanisms to help them find joy in sober living.

Sober Life Self Help Support Groups to Stay Clean and Sober

In difficult times, it’s helpful to be reminded of all the good things that came as a result of getting sober. Creating healthier alternatives is a key to maintaining sobriety, and it can be a powerful tool in your recovery. Prioritizing self-care and self-awareness are essential to your self-growth, and these new healthier habits can help you along the way. Many people have a difficult time when they have to give up their old habits. If they don’t have any healthier alternatives to make up for the loss, they may find themselves in a vicious cycle of self-destructive behavior. For example, if you know that you are more likely to succumb to drinking when you are stressed, you can plan ahead to avoid these situations. You can also find healthy alternatives to drinking for stress relief, such as going for a run or enjoying a warm cup of tea.

New sober living recovery home for addicts opens in Ogden – Standard-Examiner

New sober living recovery home for addicts opens in Ogden.

Posted: Thu, 22 Dec 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

For some people, being sober may mean not experiencing any measurable effects of drugs or alcohol. To others, it could mean more than just avoiding using recreational or prescription drugs or drinking alcohol, but achieving good mental health.

Coming to Terms with What a Sober Life Entails

Perhaps one of the most profound benefits of sobriety is the physiological difference you will feel without drugs or alcohol in your system. You will sleep more soundly, allowing the body to fully recharge and heal. You will discover newfound energy and motivation, putting it towards exercise and healthy habits. You will regain your appetite and desire to prepare balanced meals. And with these benefits come an invaluable boost in self-esteem and confidence. Turnbridge operates leading mental health and substance abuse treatment programs throughout Connecticut.

  • It can also dehydrate and deprive the body of essential vitamins and antioxidants.
  • People addicted to drugs often become so dependent on them to numb their negative emotions that for them, happiness becomes this fake thing that only lasts for a small period of time.
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  • There’s no more not caring if they see your cellulite or whatever you’re hiding under there; and you will, once and for all, discover that sex is never like in the movies.
  • If you would like to make use of the best living space in the city, you should contact a halfway house directly so that there will not be any issues.
  • This means you’ll feel more energetic, sleep better, and you won’t be fighting hangovers and other physical symptoms of drinking and drugs.

Having ups and down is a part of life and we all go though it. We go through emotions and try to live our lives to the fullest. Don’t let your thoughts take control of you, because your thoughts are not supposed to control you. So if you feel bored you have the power to change that, don’t sit and just be bored. When there is a problem, try to solve it right away so you don’t end up with two problems later and a lot to juggle.

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